Bilingual Staff

A Bilingual Staff to meet the needs of our ever growing population, Reez Home Health Services is proud to offer bilingual staffing.

Reez Home Health Care Services 

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**Confidentiality of Protected Heath Information and Client's Medical Records

Reez Home Health Services provides service for patients of all ages in their homes, from new born to adulthood. We make it a priority for our patients to receive the highest quality and exceptional care.

 About Reez Home Health Services

 Reez offers a unique multidisciplinary approach to home health care, with ownership that includes a Respiratory Therapist with extensive experience  post ventilator /tracheostomy patients.

 The Growing Years:
 The RN Director of Nursing and Owner brings over 21 years of compassionate, extensive pediatric and neonatal care experience at facilities like    Texas Childrens Hospital to her work at Reez Home Health Services.
 Our staff has the experience and compassion to help patients achieve the positive outcomes that they expect and deserve.

 CHAP Accredited
 With a CHAP accredited agency, you know that you and your family are getting the very best of care from certified professionals who meet the    rigorous standards set forth by CHAP for home health services.